what is the best vietnamese coffee brand

What is the Best Vietnamese Coffee Brand?

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If you are looking for alternative choices from the best coffee beans you can find on the market, have you ever considered looking for the best Vietnamese coffee brand? Look no further! Read this review and discover the different brands of Vietnamese coffee on the market.

With a limited choice to choose from, the ChestBrew, Moon Bear Premium Vietnamese Coffee ranked as the best overall brand for it’s 100% Arabica beans and rich, exotic flavors. The Runner Up was the Trung Nguyen for its authentically sourced beans and intense flavors.

Vietnamese Coffee Reviews

We have reviewed here the following Vietnamese coffee brands and we’ve ranked them accordingly:

ChestBrew, Moon Bear Premium Vietnamese Coffee

Best Overall

This single origin Vietnamese coffee is made from Arabica beans. The beans are authentically sourced from coffee farmers throughout Vietnam. They are roasted at a USFDA approved roasting facility in Vietnam as well as packaged and quality controlled.

The Brew

The Moon Bear beans are dark roast, rich and exotic. Expect a bold tasting brew with this coffee bean. It’s a strong coffee with robust and smoky taste & sweet flavors. While dark roasted, using only premium Arabica coffee beans means it doesn’t taste over-roasted.

The caffeine content is low, coming in at about 5% per weight. The acidity level is low.

This product comes as whole bean and it’s recommended to grind to medium coarse for both cold-brew coffee and when using the Vietnamese style filters.

Things we Like:

  • This coffee is never bitter or sour
  • One bag of coffee beans (567 grams) gives you up to 57 cups of coffee which is good value for money
  • Brews exceptionally well in a French Press and in espresso machines
  • Eco-friendly company with a sustainable approach to farming


If you’re a fan of cold-brewed coffee, this Vietnamese coffee is a popular brand to use.

Trung Nguyen

Runner Up

This popular home-brew Vietnamese coffee brand is made using Arabica and Robusta beans. The brand offers a Premium Blend and a Gourmet Blend. The coffee beans are grown in high altitude regions of Vietnam.

The Brew

Expect an intense, flavorful coffee brew with this brand. It’s strong and has hints of chocolate and nuts. Its accompanying fruity fragrance makes this coffee blend a refreshing drink.

Its medium roasted and has a low acidity.

Butter oil is used traditionally in the roasting process, adding to the uniqueness of the flavor and taste of this coffee brew. The beans have been slow-roasted by professional artisans ensuring the flavors are well-balanced.

Things we Like:

  • This coffee can be brewed using any process including pour over, espresso machines and drip coffee machines
  • It makes a delicious cold-brew cup of coffee
  • It’s a smooth drinking coffee
  • Packed and stored quickly after roasting to maintain freshness


If you’re looking for a delicate, intense flavor with distinctive aroma and hints of cocoa, this coffee blend is delicious.

Highlands Coffee Vietnamese

Best for Low Caffeine

This coffee brand is grown and packaged in Vietnam. The business originated in Hanoi in 2002. Its well-known chain of coffee shops have expanded throughout Vietnam and into other countries.

The Brew

This coffee has a rich aroma which may came across strong for some coffee drinkers. The level of acidity is just right for a pleasant taste.

Its decadent, chocolate flavor with hints of natural sweetness will appeal to coffee drinkers who love the sweeter coffee blends.

Expect every sip of this coffee to be smooth with this exotic, tantalizing Vietnamese brew.

Things we Like:

  • This is a smooth coffee with no caffeine jittery side-effects


This ground coffee’s unique blend is popular with coffee aficionados around the world.

Dalat Peaberry Robusta

Best Robusta Brand

While Robusta beans aren’t a popular choice for coffee drinkers, this brand could change your mind. The beans are grown in the Highland region of the Dalat province. As they’re grown at high altitude, the quality is better and completely different to Robusta beans grown at lower levels.

The Brew

This coffee is a medium to dark roast and has very little acidity. Coffee drinkers will love the rich and dark flavor of this coffee.

The caffeine content is high so you can expect a kick from this coffee brew. The taste has hints of chocolate and is smooth on the palate.

 These whole beans can be grind for the espresso machine and it can be blended with Arabica beans to enhance the smoothness and creamy flavors. It’s a popular Robusta brand included in many Italian espresso blends.

Things we Like:

  • The coffee cherries are sun-dried which improves the Robusta’s natural levels of sweetness
  • The coffee beans are freshly roasted weekly and vacuum-packed using foil bags with re-sealable tops


If you’re a serious espresso drinker, this brew will suit your taste buds. The aftertaste is pleasant and sweet.

Lang Thang Coffee, Saigon Phin Daklak

Best for Iced Coffee

This ground coffee is grown in the Central Highlands region of Vietnam. It’s made up of a blend of Robusta and Arabica beans plus peaberry & soybeans. As you can imagine, the flavors of this coffee are unique and delicious. A family business, this coffee comes straight from their production facility based in Saigon.

The Brew

This is a pre-ground coffee. It’s smooth-bodied while being bold and strong. Traditional Vietnamese methods are used to produce this coffee and it’s used in the famous Vietnamese Iced Coffee recipe.

Expect a mild and mellow brew with this coffee blend. It comes medium roast and is flavorful that’s typical of the Vietnamese coffee bean. Despite containing Robusta beans it’s not bitter.

 The recommended brewing method is phin but the French Press works just as well. But coffee grounds may remain behind in your coffee. The result is also a less rich and bolder coffee. The pour over method is known to remove the coffee oils.

Things we Like:

  • The pre-ground coffee comes in a vacuum sealed brick with a click-type reseal for easy usage
  • While it’s a darker roast it does not have a burnt or bitter taste


The tantalizing aroma of vanilla and allspice will have you drinking this coffee all day long. And, if you want to go Vietnamese style add some condensed milk and be blown away by the flavors.

VN Roaster, Butter Roasted Vietnamese Coffee

Best for Natural Flavors

The coffee beans are sourced from the Daklak region and roasted using butter in the process. The beans are 100% Robusta. This authentic Vietnamese coffee contains no artificial flavorings.

The Brew

The roasting method ensures you end up with a coffee that’s smooth, rich, and flavorful. It’s full-bodied with a chocolate flavor. It’s traditionally roasted in butter giving a rich and smooth finish.

The flavor is bold with a distinctive French butter aroma. You don’t have to worry about the butter flavor being overwhelming – it’s discreet presenting more as a chocolatey flavor.

It delivers a full-bodied, rounded and deep coffee brew.

Things we Like:

  • It comes in a sturdy, resealable bag with a zip which is perfect for keeping the coffee fresh
  • It’s pre-ground for coffee drinkers who prefer not to grind their own beans
  • This is a popular brand for the “back palate” drinkers who don’t like the sour taste of Arabica beans
  • Only high-quality Robusta beans are used for this coffee brand

Mr. Phong’s Private Reserve Premium Vietnamese Gorund Coffee

Best for Low Acidity

This ground coffee is grown on a small, private plantation in Buon Ma Thuot. This is situated in the Central Highlands of Vietnam which provides rich soil and a mild climate. The beans are slow roasted to perfection. It’s a blend of Arabica and Robusta coffee beans.

The Brew

During the preparation process, these beans are stripped of their harsh, acidic flavors. You can expect a natural, earthy flavor with this coffee brew.

It has a rich, creamy, mocha taste and is more traditionally brewed in a phin and served with condensed milk. It’s also a popular iced coffee drink.

 The flavors are chocolatey and rich enhanced by the natural sweetness of this coffee bean. The acidity level is low with a full-bodied finish.

Things we Like:

  • The aroma is enticing and excellent producing a delicious cup of coffee
  • The coffee beans are slow roasted in small batches allowing for the natural flavors to be released


This is a coffee with unique flavors and traditionally Vietnamese.

Buyer’s Guide

Vietnamese coffee brands offer a unique and exciting window into the world of drinking traditional Vietnamese coffee. Visitors to the country rave about the coffee and are always on the hunt for a brand to buy when they return home.

How to Choose the Best Vietnamese Coffee Brand

One of the best ways to ensure you’re getting a good coffee brew is to find out where the coffee bean has been grown and how its been cultivated.

The roasting method is also an important factor to consider when choosing your best coffee brand.

Vietnam coffee growers produce both Arabica and Robusta beans. Most brands are a blend of 100% Robusta so if you’re looking for pure 100% Arabica coffee, make sure you read the label. Vietnamese coffee is finely grounded so be aware of this when purchasing for espresso machines.

The whole bean option is available through some brands so for coffee connoisseurs who like to grind their own coffee, don’t despair. You’ll find some interesting whole bean Vietnamese coffee brands on the market.

Most of the Vietnamese coffee reviewed here either came as medium or dark roast. The flavors are strong and bold. And because of the traditional method of roasting in butter, hints of chocolate flavors can be expected.

Freshness is another factor when looking to choose the best Vietnamese coffee brand. Facilities which pack as soon as the bean is roasted are likely to offer a fresher coffee. The type of packaging plays a role here too. Ensure the packing is vacuum sealed and resealable for ease of use.

Summary: What to Look for When Buying Vietnamese Coffee:

  • Location: Coffee beans grown at a higher altitude with a milder climate and rich soils produce a higher-quality coffee bean. This is especially important for good-quality Robusta beans.
  • Blend or not: This is a personal choice but make sure you’re getting 100% Arabica if that’s your preferred brew. Most Vietnamese coffee use a blend of Arabica and Robusta or are 100% Robusta.
  • Roast: Vietnamese coffee is typically strong and bold so expect the roasts to range from dark to medium.
  • Grind: Traditional Vietnamese coffee is brewed in a phin and the fine grind is favored for this method of brewing.
  • Whole bean or pre-ground: Make sure you’re getting whole bean if that’s your preferred choice otherwise you’ll end up with pre-ground coffee!

Vietnamese Coffee Producers

The ChestBrew Coffee brand is proud of their sustainable approach to coffee production. They strive to be eco-friendly and supporting the smaller coffee farmers using traditional methods.

Trung Nguyen is a well-known Vietnamese coffee brand and they have a range of coffee selections to choose from. Visitors to the country are introduced the brand and continue to drink it in their own countries.

A brand that’s synonymous with coffee shops throughout Vietnam and in other countries is the Highlands Coffee Vietnamese brand. They only produce one type of coffee but it’s worthwhile sampling.

The Lang Thang Coffee is a family-run business. Tourists to Vietnam encounter this coffee when they order iced coffee and it’s always a win.

A brand reflecting the true traditional butter roasted style coffee is the VN Roaster. This typical Vietnamese coffee brand is natural with no artificial flavors added.

A Final Word

While the choice of Vietnamese coffee brands is small it’s a coffee worth exploring. The traditional roasting methods and unique flavors lends to a coffee brew enjoyed by many coffee drinkers worldwide.

Whether it’s hot brew or cold-brewed coffee you prefer, Vietnamese coffee will have a blend just right for you.