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Peruvian Coffee Beans. All There is To Know and Our Top Coffee Reviewed

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Peruvian beans are among the finest coffee beans in the world! Peruvian coffee has an excellent reputation, and it is not difficult to see why. It’s aromatic, rich with flavor and very complex.

The country is the producer of 13% of the world’s coffee, and the figure is growing. In itself, this detail would not be so special if it were not for the singularity that allows coffee to be produced in areas where the temperature is cold.
The technique Peruvian farmers use to produce coffee at such low temperatures is considered unique in nowadays, especially because this type of coffee gets a very special taste.

Peruvian Coffee has been repeatedly displayed on numerous occasions, and has even won several awards.

So if you are looking for the best coffee from Peru you can taste, we have done the research for you. These are some of the best Peruvian coffees we recommend.

Best Peruvian Coffee Reviews

Peru Coffee, USDA Organic, Whole Bean, Tres Cumbres, Fresh Roasted, 16-ounce
Peru Coffee, USDA Organic, Whole Bean, Tres Cumbres, Fresh Roasted, 16-ounce
USDA Organic Certified Coffee; Fresh roasted then immediately packed and sealed to assure freshness.
Fresh Roasted Coffee, Organic Peru, 2 lb (32 oz), Medium Roast, Fair Trade Kosher, Whole Bean
Fresh Roasted Coffee, Organic Peru, 2 lb (32 oz), Medium Roast, Fair Trade Kosher, Whole Bean
Fresh Roasted Coffee, Unroasted Organic Peru, Fair Trade Kosher, 5 Pound
Fresh Roasted Coffee, Unroasted Organic Peru, Fair Trade Kosher, 5 Pound
All Our Coffees are Roasted in Our Environmentally Friendly Loring Roaster.; AVAILABLE IN WHOLE BEAN AS 12 OZ, 2 LB, and 5 LB Bags.
Wellsley Farms Organic Peruvian Ground Coffee, 32 Ounce
Wellsley Farms Organic Peruvian Ground Coffee, 32 Ounce
Full body, low acidity; Medium roast; Nutty, bittersweet notes

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Volcanica Peru Coffee, Organic, Tres Cumbres, Whole Bean

Best Overall

Peru Coffee, Organic, Tres Cumbres, Whole Bean, Fresh Roasted, 16-ounce

When Volcanica introduces a Peruvian coffee, you can be sure it captures all the flavors and taste synonymous with Peru coffee. The Peru Coffee, also known as Tres Cumbres, is the essence of Peru with its smokey hints, distinct floral flavor and bright, clear finish.

The enticing aroma and mild acidity are two other features of this excellent medium-roast Peruvian coffee. The whole beans have been freshly roasted and packaged to ensure you’re always getting a fresh brew of Peru coffee.

The beans have been grown at elevations of 3,000 ft in volcanic soils under ideal climatic conditions. We love the notes of lemongrass, plum and sweet nougat flavor from this coffee. Even more so the fact it’s been organically grown. These coffee beans come in a 16 ounce bag.

Things We Like

  • Organic and free of chemicals and pesticides
  • 100% Arabica whole bean
  • Wet-washed processing used to prepare the beans
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Fresh Roasted Coffee LLC, Organic Peruvian Coffee, Whole Bean

Fresh Roasted Coffee LLC, Organic Peruvian Coffee, Medium Roast, Whole Bean, 2 Pound Bag

With promises of cinnamon, caramel and orange flavors in this organic Peruvian coffee beans from Fresh Roasted Coffee LLC, one would be silly to not try this one out. This is a good coffee to have in the pantry whenever you feel like grinding your own whole bean coffee.

The USDA Organic label gives you peace of mind you’re drinking coffee that’s been sustainably sourced. The medium roasted beans are packed in 2 pounds bags so you won’t run short in a hurry. And, the company uses the environmentally friendly Loring Roasters, minimizing their carbon footprint.

The bags are resealable with a one-way valve to allow for all air to be squeezed out, maintaining the freshness of the coffee beans. Expect a bold body with every cup of this exotic Peruvian coffee from the mountainous regions of the Cajamarca.

Things We Like

  • High quality beans at a reasonable price
  • Rich and full but not burnt tasting
  • Great flavor and consistency
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Cubico Coffee, Peru Coffee, Ground Coffee

Peru Coffee - Ground Coffee - Freshly Roasted Coffee - Cubico Coffee - 16 Ounce (Single Origin Organic Cenfrocafe Peruvian Coffee)

This single origin Cenfrocafe Organic Peruvian coffee is sourced and made available through Cubico Coffee. The coffee plants are grown in the highlands of Peru, in the area known as Cajamarca. The flavor is best described as a combination of toffee, nuts and notes of citrus.

The 100% high-quality Arabica beans not only give you a brew with a smooth body but an interesting lemony acidity can be detected. Mild, herbal notes finish off the tasting experience of having this coffee from Peru.

This medium roasted ground specialty coffee has been freshly roasted in small batches ensuring an even roast and taste. It’s packed in 16 ounce resealable bags which have a one-way valve for keeping air out.

Things We Like

  • Organic fertilizers and sustainable farming practices
  • Beans are wet washed and sun-dried for better quality
  • Handpicked for quality control
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Fresh Roasted Coffee LLC, green Unroasted Organic Peruvian Coffee

Organic Peruvian Unroasted Coffee Beans


Trust Fresh Roasted Coffee LLC to come up with green unroasted Peruvian coffee beans for coffee lovers who want to roast their own beans at home! These 100% Arabica beans have been sustainably sourced from Peru and free from additives, preservatives and artificial flavors.

You can expect the typical sweet and spicy Peruvian notes to be extracted during brewing. The company does recommend you roast medium to medium-dark to get the full flavor.

The beans are packed in 5 pound bags with a resealable top. Both the USDA Organic and Fair Trade Certified stamps are clearly indicated.

Things We Like

  • Being able to roast the beans at home
  • Excellent for mochas, cappuccinos and lattes
  • Doesn’t have a bitter taste even with the dark roast
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Wellsley Farms Organic Peruvian Ground Coffee

Wellsley Farms Organic Peruvian Ground Coffee, 32 Ounce

You’ll like the full body and low acidity of this medium roast ground coffee presented by Wellsley Farms. The 100% Arabica beans have been sourced from farms using organic and sustainable farming practices.

The nutty and bittersweet flavor is pleasant on the taste buds and you can expect a smooth mouthfeel whenever sipping on this brew.

The coffee comes in a 32 ounce packet with a USDA Organic seal.

Things We Like

  • Low acidity
  • Great taste and flavor
  • No need to bring out the burr grinder
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Buyers’ Guide

Peruvian coffee is known for its exotic, complex and mild flavor with hints of sweetness. We’ve taken the angst out of hunting for this coffee for you. Our reviews of the five best Peruvian coffees should get you drinking this delicious brew every morning (and afternoon and night!).

But there’s more to Peruvian coffee beans than meets the eye and so read on to learn more about this flavorful, low acidic coffee.

Peruvian Coffee Facts

Peru has an interesting coffee story. It’s a country that has grown since it’s first foray into coffee production. While not often noticed because of it’s more popular neighbors, Peruvian coffee has a reputation for producing an excellent quality bean.

Watch this sensory video to explore the coffee of Peru.

Peruvian Coffee History

Peru was one of the first countries to start growing coffee in South America. The Peruvian people were introduced to coffee in the 18th century by Spanish explorers. While some of the coffee beans were exported most of it was consumed by the locals.

In the 1900s, European investors assisted Peruvian coffee farmers to export more of their produce and today, Peru is now exporting over 4.1 million bags of 60 kg bags worldwide. What’ more, Peru ranks as the number 5 country in the world to produce Arabica beans.

Peruvian Coffee Farms

Most of the Peruvian coffee is grown by small-scale coffee farmer. Their farms are around the size of three hectares. It’s estimated there are over 120,000 coffee farmers in Peru. A total of 360,000 hectares is being used to cultivate coffee trees with 90,000 hectares being solely used for organic coffee growing. This makes Peru the world’s leader in exporting organic coffee.

In 2014, Peruvian farmers suffered a serious setback with the spread of coffee leaf rust throughout the plantations. Over 50% of the coffee production in that year was seriously affected.

Co-ops have been established to help the farmers with technology, workshops and financial support:

  • The Cenfrocafe Co-Op was set up in 1999 and consists of 2,000 farmers today.
  • The Peru La Florida Co-Op was first set up in the Chanchamayo region by 50 small-scale farmers in 1965. Today, it has over 1,200 members. This co-op offers similar support, training workshops and technology as the Cenfrocafe Co-Op.

It’s thanks to the co-ops that Peru has excelled not only as organic coffee producers but also achieving the recognized Fair Trade certification.

Peruvian Coffee Growing Regions: Chanchamayo and Cajamarca

Coffee is grown in three major regions namely Chanchamayo, in the Junín region of Peru’s’ central highlands, and the Amazonas and San Martins regions of the northern highlands of Peru.

Up to 16% of the country’s total coffee production comes from Chanchamayo while the other two growing regions produce in total 47% of the nation’s coffee.

All coffee growing regions in Peru boasts a tropical climate, high altitudes and nutrient-rich soils. You couldn’t ask for better growing conditions for coffee trees!

Peruvian Coffee Beans

Peru produces mostly Arabica beans with over 70% of them being of the typica variety, 20% being caturra variety and 10% being of other types. The beans are grown at altitudes of 1,000 to 1,800 meters above sea level.

Most coffee plants are grown under shady conditions and most farms are still handpicking and sun-drying the beans. Most farmers use the wet washing process.

Peruvian Coffee Beans: Flavor and Roast Profile

Famous for its complex, bright and mild flavors, Peruvian coffee is popular with many coffee drinkers. It has a medium and smooth body with low acidity, making it suitable for people with sensitive stomachs.

This is a sweet, nutty flavored brew that doesn’t need milk or sugar to sweeten it up. You can also expect tangy fruit notes in the finish.

The coffee beans flavors are distinguishable depending on the region they’re grown in making this coffee a unique tasting brew.

With its typical bright complexities, the best roast profiles for Peruvian beans is medium roast. However, Peru coffee can be dark roast for espresso lovers. Most of the exported coffee is roasted in other countries.

It’s both the unique flavor and roast profiles that makes Peru’s coffee good to brew and drink,

Best Brewing Methods for Peruvian Coffee

The flavors and roast profile of this coffee from Peru makes it suitable for most brewing methods. But, if we were to recommend the best brewing methods, we would suggest the following:

  • Pour over
  • Drip machines
  • Espresso machines

The main tip here is to make sure you use the right grind for the different brewing methods. All three methods recommended will ensure the mild, complex and nutty flavors and notes of the Peruvian bean is fully extracted.

Best Peruvian Coffee Beans Brands

Sourcing Peruvian style coffee is easy once you know which brands are offering it in your country. Here’s some background information about each of the brands we reviewed:

  • Volcanica: This company is in the business of sourcing beans directly from the farms and co-ops. They carry over 130 different premium coffees including peaberry, single origin, estate and flavored. With SCA roasters masterfully roasting the beans, using low emission roasters, Volcanica can proudly offer some of the best coffees in the world.
  • Fresh Roasted Coffee LLC: A business whose focus is on sourcing high quality coffee from farms using sustainable agricultural methods to grow their trees. They roast the beans in the USA, using that environmentally friendly roasters have low emissions. The beans roast doesn’t compromise on flavor nor taste. Roasting is done in small batches and packed immediately for shipping.
  • Cubico Coffee: This company has been going since 1887 when a family started producing coffee for others to enjoy. Their focus is gourmet coffee sourced from around the world. With quality being at the foremost of their business, beans are only roasted on order.
  • Wellsley Farms: This BJ’s owned brand offers great value and excellent quality in all their products including coffee. It’s located in the Wellsley district of Massachusetts. Wellsley Farms focuses on organic products.

These brands will not let you down whichever one you decide to pick (and we suggest you give each of them a go anyway).

Final Thoughts

Organic Peruvian coffee with its mild, complex flavors, low levels of acidity and smooth, full bodied mouthfeel is simply a pleasure to drink. Our review of the top five Peruvian coffees plus the story behind this country’s coffee production, will help you decide which one you’re going brew next for your espresso.

But, you can also use this coffee bean when making pour over or drip coffee. Make sure you explore this coffee the next time you’re on the hunt for a new coffee to brew.