nitro cold brew at home

Nitro Cold Brew at Home – How to Make it like a Barista

Have you tried making nitro cold brew at home but simply can’t get the same flavors, texture and aromas that the professionals do? Have you ever wondered how baristas can make quality nitro cold brew coffee?

Well, what if we gave you an easy method you can follow to create the most amazing cold brew coffees you’ve ever tasted? Find out how you can make your own professional nitro cold brew coffees in our guide below.

Can You Make Nitro Cold Brew at Home?

Yes, you can make your very own creamy nitro cold brew at home. You simply need the correct tools. Baristas use a high-pressure nitro infusedtap system to make cold brews. But since you don’t have a tap system at home all you need is an infuser like the NitroPress that you can buy at Amazon or a cream whipping dispenser and nitrogen cartridges.

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What is Cold Brew Coffee?

Cold brew coffee is when you take a certain amount of grounds and steep it in cold water for up to 10 to 24 hours to make a concentrated solution. It’s then mixed with cold water and poured over ice as a cooler version of hot coffee but with sweeter notes.

Hot water typically draws out the flavors, nutrients, caffeine and aromas instantaneously. But using cold water is a gentler process that gradually exacts acidity resulting in a sweeter and smoother flavor profile.

Instead of hot coffees such as lattes or cappuccinos, you’ll produce a rich and creamy cold brew that’s the perfect beverage when your body temperature rises in the summertime.

What’s the Difference Between Standard and Nitrogen Cold Brew?

The difference between standard cold brews and nitrogen is the texture. Both types of cold brews are sweet and aromatic. But standard coffee has little crema while nitrogen cold brew provides a silky texture with a rich topping similar to the foam that Guinness beer has.

Nitrogen is pushed into the coffee to create small bubbles that result in a thicker foam coating on the top of your brew when you pour it into a glass.

Does Nitro Cold Brew Have a Higher Caffeine Content?

Typically more caffeine is extracted from coffee beans with hot water than with cold water. But cold brews can have higher caffeine content depending on the type of beans you use and how long you steep them for.

The time you take to steep your coffee beans will determine how much flavor, nutrients and caffeine is extracted so it is essential to get this process right.

As mentioned before you can steep coffee beans for 10 to 24 hours. You’ll need to find a coffee steeping time frame that produces the best flavors and textures you enjoy.

Is Nitrogen Unhealthy?

Nitrogen is an inert gas that doesn’t have a negative reaction to other gases. This means it’s a non-toxic gas that is safe to use in beverages. Most draught beers are infused with nitrogen to produce a thicker head so there are no health risks when making cold brews with nitrogen.

Can you taste the Nitrogen in your Coffee?

Coffee connoisseurs are very particular about the taste of their coffee. So they wouldn’t infuse their favorite beverage with anything that will compromise the coffee’s flavor. Fortunately, nitrogen is a colorless, oderless and tasteless gas.

The nitrogen is simply used to create tiny bubbles in your cold brew that provides a foamy head. Nitrogen bubbles don’t dissolve as quickly as carbon dioxide bubbles so the cold brew will have a thick and heavy texture with no chemical undertones.

What is the Purpose of Using Nitrogen in Coffee

Nitrogen can transform dark, bitter coffee into a thick, sweet beverage with a delicate finish. Its purpose is to make standard cold brew coffee into a silky smooth texture with a complete flavor profile that’s not harsh on your palate.

The Advantages of Nitro Cold Brew Coffee

Flavor Profile

Brewing your coffee in hot water for long periods of time will result in a bitter aftertaste. Cold brewing gradually extracts the flavor from the coffee beans that gives you a subtle sweet taste because it leaves all bitterness behind.

Hot brews produce hints of flavor from beans. But cold brews offer you optimal flavor profiles so you can taste all the notes of your preferred coffee bean.

Level of Acidity

At high temperatures, the bitterness of coffee is set off by the high acidity levels in the beans. Brewing nitro coffee at low temperatures produces less acidity which creates milder coffee.

Coffees with low acidity levels are beneficial to people who suffer with stomach problems as it won’t irritate the stomach, cause cramps or lead to indigestion issues.

Cold Brews Last

Hot coffee tastes amazing when it’s the correct temperature. But as soon as hot coffee turns cold it simply doesn’t have the same enjoyable flavor. With cold brews, you can drink from the same batch for a couple of days as you can store a bottle of it in your fridge to keep it fresher for longer.


Most people will throw hot brews away as soon as they go cold. The same fate awaits the coffee bean if they’re not used before the expiration date which is a waste of coffee and money. You’ll have to buy more coffee beans which can become expensive over time.

Even though you’ll be using more coffee grounds making cold brews, you’ll use up all of your supply before it expires. The coffee brew is cold so you’ll be able to enjoy every cup until it’s finished.

This means you’ll spend less money on coffee beans because you can make larger batches of cold brew that will last longer than other kinds of coffee.


Using boilers, kettles and drip coffee makers uses up electricity & these applications will increase your carbon footprint. There is no need for any electrical appliances when making cold brew coffee which makes this method extremely eco-friendly.

Easy to Make

You may think making quality cold coffee is difficult but it’s very easy to make it, particularly nitro coffee. So if you’d like to know how to make nitro coffees like a professional barista follow the method below.

The Tools You’ll Need to Make Nitro Cold Brew at Home

Nitrogen Cold Brew Coffee Makers

There are also nitrogen cold brew coffee makers you can purchase. Here are four or our favourites you can buy on Amazon.

Filtron Cold Water Coffee Concentrate Brewer
Toddy Cold Brew Coffee Maker System
OXO BREW Cold Brew Coffee Maker
Takeya Deluxe Cold Brew Coffee Maker
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Filtron Cold Water Coffee Concentrate Brewer
Filtron Cold Water Coffee Concentrate Brewer
Toddy Cold Brew Coffee Maker System
Toddy Cold Brew Coffee Maker System with Extra Filters and Rubber Stoppers Bundle (1)
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OXO Good Grips 32 Ounce Cold Brew Coffee Maker
Takeya Deluxe Cold Brew Coffee Maker
Takeya Patented Deluxe Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker with Airtight Lid & Silicone Handle, 1 Quart

Cream Whipper

Since you probably don’t have a high-pressure tap like the ones used by baristas you’ll need a cream whipping dispenser. This device is what will help you create that silky smooth crema on top of your cold brew.

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Measuring Jug

Your measuring jug will help you to provide the exact quantities of water and coffee grounds needed for your brew. It’s important that you use the correct ratios so you can experience the best tasting cold brew coffee.

5 Nitrous Oxide Chargers

The 5 small nitrous oxide chargers are what you’ll use along with your cream whipping dispenser to create the rich texture of your cold brew.

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Mixing Spoon

Your mixing spoon will help you incorporate the water with your coffee grounds so all the flavonoids, notes and aromas are extracted from each granulate.

Water Pitcher

The water pitcher is the container you’ll use to steep your coffee grounds in. It’s better to use a pitcher as it helps you pour the content into your glass without spilling.

Filter Paper

Filter paper is used to capture all the coffee grounds as you pour the coffee concentrate into your glass.

Ingredients for Cold Brew Coffee

Cold Water

Because this is a cold brew you’ll need water that’s at room temperature. You’ll need about 3 ½ cups of water.

Coarse Ground Coffee

You can’t use whole beans for this method as the water won’t be able to get inside the beans to extract the flavor. Grind your beans to medium coarseness or purchase pre-ground coffee for this process. You’ll need 9oz of coffee for your brew.

Method on How to Make Nitro Cold Brew at Home

Step 1

The first step is to make a cold brew concentrate. You can make a slow concentrate by steeping your coffee beans in a jug overnight. But the quickest method is to use your cream whipping device as it can cut the concentrated time down to one hour.

Step 2

Use your mixing spoon to scoop 9oz of coffee into a cream whipper. You can also use a coffee scale to be more precise. You may think that this is a lot of coffee but remember it’s a concentrated formula so it will be diluted with water.

Step 3

Next, measure 3 ½ cups of water in your jug and pour it into your cream whipper. Use your spoon to give it a quick stir until your coffee and water are combined & then seal the whipper with its lid.

Step 4

You’ll need to charge the whipper with two nitrous oxide chargers. These chargers are small and can fit into the nitro component on your whipper lid.

Simply unscrew the charger holder and insert the first cartridge. Screw the charger holder back onto the whipper until you hear the gas release inside the container. Repeat the process with the second nitro cartridge.

Step 5

Once you’ve charged your canister with the nitro give the whipper a gentle shake to distribute the gas. Shake the whipper for about 30 seconds and let it settle for five minutes.

Step 6

Next you’ll need to discharge the gas from the whipper. To do this, hold a glass over the whipper nozzle so the coffee doesn’t spray all over you and the counter. Then gently squeeze the whipper trigger to release the gas.

Step 7

Now you’ll need to recharge the whipper with two more nitro cartridges using step 4 in this guide. Give it another shake to distribute the gas.

Step 8

Leave the whipper with the coffee and water inside to sit for one hour so it can start brewing your concentrate.

Step 9

After the hour is up, discharge the gas again by placing a cup over the whipper nozzle and squeezing the application’s trigger.

Step 10

Place a coffee filter inside your water pitcher. Now decant your coffee concentrate into the filter. The consistency will be thick and very dark. The filter will capture all the coffee granulates and it will let the concentrate pour into your pitcher.

Step 11

You have a full jug of coffee concentrate that you’ll need to mix with equal parts of cold water. Stir the mixture and then pour it back into a clean cream whipper & seal the canister with its lid.

Step 12

Use the last nitro cartridge to charge your whipper for the final time. Shake the cream whipper for 30 seconds. Discharge the gas again and don’t forget to cover the nozzle with a cup so as not to spray coffee everywhere.

Step 13

Open your cream whipper and pour your nitro coffee brew into a tall glass with four blocks of ice. The creamy foam will rise to the top as you’re pouring the content into your glass. You can now enjoy your freshly made glass of rich and creamy nitro cold brew coffee.

Final Thoughts

When experimenting with nitro cold brew at home, it will only be as good as the type of tools you use. Always opt for high-quality cream whippers that have strong components so it doesn’t hinder your attempt at the cold brewing process.

It’s also advised that you get your nitrogen cartridges from a reputable supplier for health and safety purposes. Gauge the amount of time you want to steep your brew for. Do you prefer the taste of 24-hour coffee concentrate or is the one hour cream whipper method more suitable? It all depends on your preference.

Now that you have a fool-proof method on how to make your own nitro cold brew coffee at home you can make as many batches as you like for yourself and your loved ones to enjoy.

The advantage of a cold brew is that you can keep it in the fridge for a few days without the beverage losing its foamy consistency. So are you ready to make your own nitro cold brews like a professional barista? Follow our method to make your own rich and decadent cold brew coffees.