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Coffee Food Pairing: 10 Food Choices That Go Really Well With Your Coffee.

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Coffee is a delectable beverage to drink but certain foods don’t pair well with it. If you find that some edibles ruin the taste of your brew then we can assist you with some food pairing combinations that work well.

There are plenty of coffee and food pairings that make an excellent combination for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We’ve narrowed it down to the top 10 most popular coffee food pairings for you. Keep reading because you’re bound to find a food and coffee combination that will be your favorite new treat.

1. Which Fruit Goes Best with Coffee and Why?

You may be surprised to know that most berries such as raspberries and strawberries go well with coffee. But it depends on where you get your coffees from. Some of the best coffee beans in the world, like those from Kenya, Ethiopia, and Uganda already have berry notes that can be enhanced by eating fruits with your beverage.

For a light afternoon snack eat blueberries with Jamaican coffee with a subtle body. Or if you love coffees from Haiti or Tanzania then pair your brew with plums, peaches, or apricots.

Is Drinking Orange Juice with Coffee Together for Breakfast a Good Idea?

Now that you know coffee pairs well with different types of fruit, what about fruit juices? Many people drink it with orange juice for their breakfast. The two beverages work well together because the orange juice enhances the flavor of the coffee.

Some people even add a dash of orange zest for a citrusy flavor.

If You Have Coffee and Orange Juice What Should You Drink First?

You should always drink your orange juice first. The orange flavor will give your coffee a citrus flavor when you drink it. This works well if you don’t want to risk ruining your coffee by pouring orange juice into the brew.

2. What Desserts Go With Coffee?

Whether it’s a light, medium, or dark roast, your brew will pair well with some delicious desserts. If you love strong brews then it’s best to pair it with sweet desserts such as rice pudding. The vanilla and cinnamon in rice pudding is a delicious combination with bold dark roasted coffees.

Another tasty afternoon dessert that pairs well is peanut butter and banana sandwiches. The sandwich goes well with medium roast because of the creaminess of the banana and the sweetness of the peanut butter.

An espresso or a light roast also enhances the flavor of chocolate cake. The beverage deepens the richness of the chocolate flavor. Some people even put a dash of coffee into the cake mixture before baking because of how well the two flavors go together.

Or you can drink your brew with desserts made with coffee ingredients. Coffee cake is one of the most popular desserts made with espresso. Drink a medium-roast brew with your coffee cake so that the two flavors don’t overpower each other.

3. Tasty Bacon with Your Morning Brew

You’d be happy to know that not all pairings have to be sweet desserts or fruits. Savory edibles work well with light to dark roasts too. One of the most popular breakfast foods that go exceptionally well is bacon.

The salty, fatty, and savory flavor of bacon goes perfectly with a cup of hot strong black coffee. You can put sugar and milk in your coffee but strong black brews are ideal for bacon eaters.

4. Baked Bagels for a Light Snack

Any baked goods will pair well with light to medium roast coffees. However, baked bagels are the most popular choice because you can toast them or put any toppings on them such as cream cheese.

You can get sweet bagels that are ideal to eat with dark roasted coffees. But if you’re eating savory bagels then a light or medium roast with a spoon or two of sugar will be a suitable match.

5. Fluffy Scrambled Eggs

Do you want another type of breakfast to go with your coffee? Then you’ll be happy to know that fluffy scrambled egg is another great food pairing that is loved by many.

Make your scrambled eggs with a pinch of salt and pepper or load them with green pepper and tomato to add flavor. On the other hand, plain scrambled eggs paired with strong black coffee will work best for you.

6. Smoked Salmon and Coffee for Lunch

Some fish make an excellent food pairing. Salmon has a bold flavor that surprisingly works well with coffee. Since salmon is salty and rich, it tastes delicious with the acidity of the coffee. You can put your salmon on a slice of toast for a light snack during your lunch break.

Light to medium roast with nutty notes will pair well with salmon and toast. If you want, you can add a splash of milk to your coffee and some sugar. But black coffee is ideal for savory and salty snacks.

7. Hard Cheese for a Snack

Many people would disagree that cheese pairs well, but that’s because most people prefer soft or sweet cheese. If you want to have cheese then pick hard cheese with bold flavors.

Dark cheddar or Swiss cheese is perfect for coffee enthusiasts that love dark roasts. So if you’re not a wine person you can create a cheese platter and have a carafe of dark roasted coffee for you and your guests to drink with the food.

8. What About Pairing Doughnuts and Croissants for Lunch?

Doughnuts and Croissants are popular foods that people eat during lunch breaks. Croissants can either be savory or sweet and they go with any type of coffee. Doughnuts can be plain with a sprinkle of powdered sugar on top and this food works well with dark bitter coffee.

You can put fruits on your doughnuts and croissants that pair with coffees from Costa Rica. If you’re eating sweet cream with your doughnut then a medium roast coffee brew might be the best combination with the food.

9. Spicy food with Ice Coffee for Dinner

Coffee isn’t simply meant for breakfast foods or lunch. You can drink your favorite type of coffee with your dinner too. But it will depend on what food you’re eating and how you make your coffee. Spicy Indian or Mexican food is good with coffee, especially cold brews.

If you drink hot coffee with your spicy food it may burn your mouth due to the hot spices. Combining hot coffee and spicy food can also give you heartburn. So the best way to enjoy your coffee with your spicy food is by making a cold brew.

Fortunately, it’s easy to make cold brew coffee at home. The advantage of cold brew coffee is that you can keep it chilled in the fridge for up to two weeks. So when you decide you want to eat a spicy meal for dinner, you can simply pour your pre-made iced coffee into a tall glass to enjoy with your food.

10. Dark Roast Coffee with Red Meat

A beverage such as red wine is the ideal flavor pairing with red meat. But many people don’t drink alcohol. If you don’t like wine but you love coffee then you’ll be happy to know that your brew can be paired with red meat too.

The best type of coffee to drink with your red meat would be roasted from India or Sumatra. This is because coffee flavor combinations from these regions have dark and bold notes that are ideal when paired with the texture and flavors of red meat.

Pairing coffee with meat may seem like it won’t go well together but dark coffee already goes well with bacon. Try out different roasts with various types of meat to find the perfect food that goes well with coffee.

Final Thoughts on the Best Food Pairings

As you can see there are many flavors that go with coffee so it will be easy to find a combination you’ll love. Coffee and fruit pairing is ideal for mornings when you want that added boost of energy for the day. There are also iced coffee food pairings that work well for summer.

Or why not create a coffee food pairing chart and try different foods with your brew to see which one works well? This will work as a coffee food pairing cheat sheet that you can refer to whenever you want to make meals. Then, when you have guests over you’ll know what to serve with coffee and tea. Coffee pairings are easy when you have a chart to refer to.

Now that you know what food to pair coffee with what flavor combination will you try first? How about milk chocolate crepes or caramel based cakes? You’ll love how coffee can enhance the flavor of desserts and even spicy foods.