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Thai vs Vietnamese Coffee

Thai vs Vietnamese Coffee (Differences & Facts To Know)

An avid coffee lover just needs a whiff of these brews and tell you which one’s which. However, for most folks, a cup of coffee is just ‘coffee’. The truth is that Thai iced coffee and Vietnamese iced coffee share lots of similar traits when it comes to the strength, serving styles and taste of the […]

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Black Tea vs. Coffee

More Than Caffeine: Black Tea vs. Coffee and Their Benefits

Coffee or tea? Let’s settle it once and for all, shall we? As the top two go-to beverages in the world, both tea and coffee have their pros and cons. In this article, we are going to discuss the differences between the two in terms of their caffeine content, chemical composition, and processing. We will […]

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Honey vs Sugar

Honey vs. Sugar in Coffee: Which Is Better?

Coffee is easily the most popular beverage in the world. It is what keeps you going in the throughout the day and is usually the first thing you consume after you get out of bed. And if a coffee is a necessary part of our daily lives, sugar isn’t far behind. Most people will take […]

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coffee trends

Top 7 Coffee Trends You Don’t Want to Miss

Raise your hand if you can’t get through the day without a cup of coffee. If all the coffee drinkers in the world united, we’d have enough people to form several countries! Why is coffee so popular? The way the world is today with its fast and demanding pace, we always need to be energetic […]

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gifts for coffee lovers

55+1 Awesome Gifts for Coffee Lovers (Carefully Selected)

Searching for gifts for coffee lovers and looking for inspiration? You have come to the right place.It doesn’t have to be Christmas, Black Friday or the anniversary to scout for the perfect gifts for coffee drinker.Most of the times finding the perfect gift for coffee drinkers can be daunting, particularly if the person you are […]

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is turkish coffee stronger than espresso

Turkish Coffee vs Espresso (Which Is Stronger?)

A frequent question we see asked is if Turkish Coffee stronger than Espresso. The short answer is YES and NO. Let’s dive deeper into Turkish Coffee and Espresso to understand why.The Turkish Coffee Preparation is one of the oldest and ancient ways to brew a cup of coffee. Would you believe that people started brewing this coffee […]

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cappuccino vs latte

Cappuccino vs Latte. Here is WHY they are not the same

Cappuccino vs Latte: which one should you choose?   Most people surely tasted cappuccino and latte, some might even consider them as favorites.But can you distinguish the difference between cappuccino and latte, if they ever differ at all? The short answer is: The main difference between cappuccino and latte lies on the volume of the foamed milk or […]

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can i drink coffee

Can I Drink Coffee? 12 Situations When You Don’t Know If You Can

Many coffee aficionados happen to ask themselves “Can I drink coffee?” in certain situations of their lives.  The cup of Joe has become such a staple point of daily life. For many that in certain situations it’s difficult to know whether it’s safe or what it’s going to affect. This article will take you through 12 situations where you […]

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americano vs coffee

Americano vs Coffee: Not The Same! (6 Differences Explained)

Have you wondered what are the differences between Americano vs coffee before choosing which one to order at your favourite coffee shop?Americano and coffee may seem the same, but they are different. These are the 6 differences  between Americano and coffee: The brewing The grind The machine Caffeine The taste The CremaAmericano vs Coffee: What they really […]

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how to keep coffee hot

10 Proven Ways How to Keep Coffee Hot in any Situation

Battling with coffee always cold and you do not know how to keep coffee hot? If you have a busy schedule, you brew your cup at home and the may find yourself taking your coffee with you. Or perhaps you like to slowly indulge, letting each sip gently sink in. Whatever scenario, at some point you’ve probably […]

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