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can i drink coffee

Can I Drink Coffee? 12 Situations When You Don’t Know If You Can

Many coffee aficionados happen to ask themselves “Can I drink coffee?” in certain situations of their lives.  The cup of Joe has become such a staple point of daily life. For many that in certain situations it’s difficult to know whether it’s safe or what it’s going to affect. This article will take you through 12 situations where you […]

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americano vs drip coffee

Americano vs Coffee: 6 Differences You May Not Know

Have you ever wondered what are the differences between Americano vs coffee before choosing which one to order at your favourite coffee shop?Americano and brewed coffee have lots of similarities, yet they are vastly different. Here are the six differences  between  Americano and Drip Coffee: The brewing The grind The machine Caffeine The taste The Crema […]

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how to keep coffee hot

10 Proven Ways How to Keep Coffee Hot in any Situation

Battling with coffee always cold and you do not know how to keep coffee hot? If you have a busy schedule, you brew your cup at home and the may find yourself taking your coffee with you. Or perhaps you like to slowly indulge, letting each sip gently sink in. Whatever scenario, at some point you’ve probably […]

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how to get use to black coffee

How to Get Used to Black Coffee and Never Go Back! 10 Actionable Tips to Make it Easy

Do you believe sugar and cream are synonymous with coffee and don’t know how to get used to black coffee? You may miss something! Black coffee is the favorite of many aficionados and not only among coffee connoisseurs. These coffee drinkers were simply privileged to be introduced to this delectable drink.  If you just pulled a face thinking you […]

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Types of Espresso Drinks

9 Types of Espresso Drinks Explained: What They Are and How to Make Them

Espresso, beside being a very popular coffee brew, is also the base for many great drinks. Here are 9 of the most popular espresso based drinks and how to brew them.9 Espresso Based Drinks Ristretto Doppio – double espresso Caffe’ latte Cappuccino Macchiato Flat white Latte (Vanilla) Affogato Mocha Ristretto Doppio – double espresso Caffe’ latte […]

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Is Espresso Stronger Than Coffee

Is Espresso Stronger Than Coffee? Find Out Here!

I bet you have heard many times the question “Is espresso stronger than coffee?”  It is indeed a very common question among coffee aficionados. I would argue that the reason is because the answer is not so straight forward and requires some more digging into the matter.The common perception is that espresso is stronger than coffee. […]

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Coffee health benefits

12 Health Benefits of Coffee Backed by Science You Can’t Miss

As early as 1580, there were already findings that Egyptians used coffee as a medicine. Thomas Jefferson once called coffee as “the favorite drink of the civilized world”. Though this drink became famous to Americans only after the “Boston tea party”, coffee has been loved by many.Some people can’t get over its bittersweet taste, and some drink […]

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The History of Espresso

History of Espresso Coffee. A Fascinating Story

The history of Espresso is unique. You might expect it to be about coffee beans,  the search for the perfect flavor or about the exact science (or art) that makes pouring an exquisite demitasse of espresso possible.But the story isn’t like that at all. Instead, the history of the espresso coffee is about locality, about a generation […]

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How Long Coffee Keeps You Awake

How Long Does Coffee Keep You Awake?

Almost everybody knows that coffee owes its energy boosting properties to caffeine – just like tea, soda pop, and even chocolate.   But that leaves lots of questions to answer. First of all, if you drink your cup to get the boost, how long will a coffee keep you awake?The short answer is: it depends on […]

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Why Is Mineral Water Served with Espresso_

Why Is Mineral Water Served with Espresso?

The best baristas serve a glass of mineral water with the espresso. This is very common in Italy if you have an espresso at the bar but many espresso aficionados wonder why? We have dug deep into this, and here are the top reasons: Mineral water helps to freshen the mouth before tasting the espresso […]

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