can i add coconut oil to my coffee

Can I Add Coconut Oil to My Coffee? (All PROS and CONS Explained)

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Adding coconut oil to coffee is being discussed lately in the world of coffee. There is quite a debate around it, but the sort answer is yes, you can add coconut oil to your coffee. Coconut oil can actually enhance your cup of coffee. And, its many health benefits will give your body a complete overhaul.

If you’re still skeptical about adding coconut oil to your coffee, read on.

Why is Coconut Oil so Popular?

Coconut oil is a relatively new food item and it’s all the buzz in the health circles.

Coconut oil is made from the fat content of the white coconut flesh. It falls into the saturated fats category which, for years, has been maligned as a bad fat. Recent research, however, shows little evidence of saturated fats being linked to heart disease.

Up to 84% of the coconut oil’s calories is derived from saturated fats. This could be good news or bad news, depending on which doctor you’re seeing. Its saturated fats content could actually be good for boosting your HDL (good cholesterol). But it can raise your LDL levels (the not so good cholesterol). So, the question is still in the air whether coconut oil is good for cholesterol or not.

Here are a few reasons why coconut oil is popular:

  • Its fat-burning properties could help you lose weight.
  • It gives you a quick burst of energy and sustains you longer throughout the day.
  • It claims to have anti-fungal properties.
  • It’s good for restoring dry hair back to its natural, silky state.
  • It could improve your immune system and increase your nutrient intake.

But, what has all of this got to do with adding coconut oil to your coffee? Well, it could be useful when you’re on a diet to lose weight. Coffee is also known to improve your digestion so together with coconut oil, you have a powerful concoction on hand. And, when you’re looking for more than a pick-me-up from your coffee, adding coconut oil will give you all the energy you need.



How do I Add Coconut Oil to My Coffee?

Coconut oil does act as a natural laxative so you need to go easy with the amount of oil you add to your coffee. Some people will also feel very nauseous when they first start taking coconut oil. So, the trick is to go slow and keep the quantity of oil low until your body adjusts to it.

Depending on how well your body handles coconut oil, it’s recommended you start with half a teaspoon once a day in a cup of coffee. It’s a good idea to add it to your first cup of the day. Slowly increase this amount every few days until you’re adding up to one tablespoon every day. Some coffee drinkers will even add up to two tablespoons to a mug of coffee.

How you add it to your coffee is up to you. You can put it in your cup or mug first before adding the coffee or add it afterwards. It dissolves quickly in hot coffee. Give your coffee a few stirs to infuse the coconut oil throughout the coffee brew.

Try out some of these combinations to get the most out of your coffee and coconut oil blend:

  • Add some milk and honey for a creamy, sweet-flavored brew. Use the same combination with cold coffee and milk. Add some crushed ice and you’ve a cold-brew coffee with an interesting blend of flavors.
  • Mix three tablespoons of butter and one tablespoon of coconut oil into your coffee. Give it a whizz in your blender before enjoying this rich combination. It may turn your stomach but it’ll give you so much energy you’ll be kept going for hours.
  • Get adventurous with spices. Add cinnamon, cayenne pepper or a pinch of turmeric together with coconut oil and stir into your favorite coffee brew. You’ll be blown away by the taste sensation! And, these spices have many health benefits too.
  • When you don’t feel like being too healthy, add some sugar, maple syrup or any flavored syrups for a decadent cup of coffee.

Experiment with these combinations but it’s recommended to use most of these combinations in moderation. At the most, you should only be having two tablespoons of coconut oil every day. If your body doesn’t handle coconut oil, don’t force it. Some people simply can’t take coconut oil especially in its raw form.

Choosing the Best Coconut Oil for Your Coffee

As with most food products, you can get “good” coconut oil and “not so good” coconut oil. Find the best virgin coconut oil you can find on the shelves. Read the labels and make sure the oil is cold pressed and unrefined. Not only is this your healthier option but it also has a stronger coconut flavor.

Stay away from any coconut oil which is processed or refined. This type of coconut oil may include trans fat which is a big no-no if you want to stay healthy. Fewer nutrients exist in refined coconut oil and the flavor is bland, often not resembling coconuts at all.

What to Look Out for When Adding Coconut Oil to Your Coffee

While I’ve highlighted the benefits of adding coconut oil to your coffee, you need to also be aware of any side-effects from drinking this combination:

  • If you develop serious stomach cramps or diarrhea it’s advisable to stop using coconut oil in your coffee.
  • Reports of allergic reactions to coconut oil indicate some people may have a negative response to coconut oil. If you notice you’re battling with any typical allergic symptoms such as difficulty breathing or hives, stop the coconut oil immediately.
  • Coconut oil can increase acne in some people.
  • The high calories found in the coconut oil can cause you to gain weight. If you notice this happening, limit the amount of coconut oil you’re drinking in your coffee. If you’re into the butter and coconut oil combination, this could also be contributing to any weight gain.

Research is ongoing about the advantages and disadvantages of coconut oil. If you’re concerned about any reactions to this addition to your coffee, apply some oil to a small patch of your skin. This does help to gauge if you have any allergies linked to coconut oil.

The best approach to adding coconut oil to your coffee is to start off with small quantities over a few weeks. Watch out for any unusual and unpleasant side effects. While most people can tolerate coconut oil, it’s always a good idea to be careful. Keep an eye on your cholesterol levels by having regular medical check-ups.

What is Keto Coffee?

You may have heard about keto coffee whenever coconut oil is mentioned. It’s also known as bulletproof coffee. If you’re on a keto diet which contains high-fat and low-carb foods then you’ll know all about keto coffee.

So, to add some keto goodness to your coffee, you have a choice of fats such as butter, coconut oil, ghee or cream. Coconut oil gives a tropical flavor while butter turns your coffee into a rich and creamy texture.

The best way to make your bulletproof coffee is to brew your favorite blend of coffee and pour into a blender. Add your coconut oil (or whichever fats you prefer) and pulse the blender a few times until the coffee and oil is well-mixed. You should end up with a light, foamy coffee drink.

Keto coffee is a great replacement for breakfast. Its full of energy and the caffeine of the coffee will boost you too. You’ll feel satiated and won’t give in to any snack cravings during the day. Another time of the day to have your keto coffee is in the mid-afternoon when you often feel your body going into a slump. This blend will have you all charged up for a few more hours!

A Final Word on Coconut Oil and Coffee

Coconut oil can be a great addition to your coffee brew. Not only will you feel a general overall sense of wellbeing, you’ll also have more vitality and zest for life. Yes, you should always look out for the side-effects and if coconut oil doesn’t agree with you, stop using it. But, for those who like experimenting with flavors and tastes, go ahead and add coconut oil to your coffee.