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Best Kona Coffee (Top 5 Hawaii Coffee)

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Authentic Kona coffee is highly sought after by many coffee aficionadas around the world. If you’ve been to Hawaii and sipped on genuine Kona coffee then you know why it is considered one the best coffee beans.

We’ve talked about what Kona coffee tastes like but now we’re talking about the best Kona coffee to use when making this brew.

To help you bring the exquisitely unique flavors of Kona coffee to your doorstep, we’ve compiled this review of some of the best Kona coffee products you can find on the market today

At A Glance: Our Best Kona Coffee Picks



Hawaiian Kona Coffee

Extra Fancy

It is grown in the “Big Island” and has bursting with intense flavors thanks to the volcanic soils it grows in.

The Best Kona Coffee

Koa Coffee Dark Roast Whole Bean Kona Coffee Tri Pack

Best Choice

Dark Roast Whole Bean Kona Coffee Tri-Pack

This Tri-Pack of Kona Coffees will feel like you’re gifting yourself if not your best buddy who loves Kona coffee as much as you do!

This range of whole bean coffee is dark roast and includes three of the Koa Coffee company’s best 100% Kona coffee samples.

The one pack includes whole bean giving you balance and quality when you make your brew. The Private Reserve Kona Coffee is considered by Forbes as being the “Best In America” so if it’s an award winning taste you’re after, you could give this one a go. The third pack includes whole beans from a high altitude farm on the slopes of the Mauna Loa volcano.

Koa Coffee beans are hand harvested at the right time – when the beans are cherry red. And, they rely on expert coffee roasters to do the roasting. 

Why we like:

  • Genuine Kona coffee grown and roasted in the Mauna Loa region
  • Whole bean means freshness with every brew
  • Hand harvested whole bean often means a higher quality coffee


We like the idea of ordering in a triple pack of whole beans. It means you can try out a different flavor each day you have a brew of Kona coffee.

Volcanica Hawaiian Kona Coffee Extra Fancy

Runner Up

Hawaiian Kona Coffee Extra Fancy, 100% Pure, Whole Bean, Fresh Roasted, 16-ounce

With this Volcanica Kona coffee every sip will be bursting with a bold and deep volcanic flavor. If we were to describe the intense flavors you could expect hints of nuts with a full-bodied aroma.

This medium roast coffee has a certificate of origin from the State of Hawaii so you’re getting the real deal. It’s grown on the slopes of the Mauna Loa volcano in Hawaii. The climate conditions in the area tends to produce only the best type of Kona coffee. An abundance of rain and sunshine in the mornings all adds to creating the typical Kona coffee taste.

With only 1% to 5% of the Kona Coffee Beans Single Origin from the Greenwell Estate contributing to the flavors, you’re still getting the intense Kona coffee. The beans are hand-picked and undergo the wet-processing method as well as being sundried.

Why we like:

  • Package comes with a one-way valve for extra freshness
  • Flavors are typical of Kona Coffee being slightly spicy
  • Consistent quality


Simply an excellent Kona coffee.

Blue Horse 100% Kona Coffee Dark Roast Whole Bean

Farm-direct: 100% Kona Coffee, Dark Roast, Whole Beans, 1 Lb

This whole bean coffee has been shade grown and hand-picked so you can expect premium quality Kona coffee every time you use this one. The 100% claim refers to the fact you’re only getting pure Kona whole bean. This is not a blend!

The Kona coffee beans have been sundried which means more of the intense Kona flavors.

Blue Horse have a certificate of origin approved by the State if Hawaii. So, you’re getting the genuine Kona coffee grown in the “Big Island” of Hawaii.

The beans are freshly roasted in small batches and packed for immediate distribution so customers receive within 2 days of ordering.

Why we like:

  • Even with a strong brew the taste is smooth and clean
  • Freshness guaranteed with every cup of coffee
  • The beans have a beautiful sheen


If you’re looking for a product safe from chemicals, you’ll find peace of mind with this brand. And, you can coarsely grind it to use in your French press.

Royal Kona Whole Bean Coffee 100% Kona

Royal Kona Whole Bean Coffee, 100% Kona, 7-Ounce Bag

This private reserve grown Royal Kona coffee is 100% Kona coffee. It’s processed at the estate’s facility in Captain Cook

You can expect a smooth and full-bodied brew when you make coffee with this brand. The coffee trees are grown in the rich, volcanic soil of the Kona District so typical of this area. With the “Big Island” cool breezes, light rainfall and afternoon shade on the estate, you’ve got the perfect conditions for growing Kona coffee.

This company has been roasting top-quality Kona coffee beans since 1969 and every pack is guaranteed to be fresh and packed full of genuine Kona flavor. In fact, Royal Kona is the largest roaster of Kona coffee in the world and is known throughout Hawaii’s top hotels, retail stores and restaurants.

Why we like:

  • Smooth and aromatic with rich flavors
  • Freshly roasted and packed
  • Authentic Kona coffee taste


If this is considered good enough for the royals of Hawaii, then it’s good enough for you! Many locals will tell you it’s the best coffee in Hawaii. And it’s considered the best Kona private reserve in the district.

Hawaiian Lion 24K Gold Roast 100% Kona Coffee

Lion Coffee, 24K Gold Roast, 100% Kona Whole Bean Coffee, 7 Ounce Bag

This 100% Hawaiian Kona coffee, while referred to as Gold Roast, is a light-medium roast. The company assures you’ll get the typical Kona coffee flavors with consistency.

This coffee doesn’t taste bitter and is smooth on the palate.

The coffee beans are picked and roasted in Hawaii retaining the originality of this coffee for Hawaiian coffee lovers.

The distinct gold packaging makes this coffee stand out in the crowd of Kona coffee so you can’t miss it! Lion Coffee is recognized as one of the oldest major American coffee brands. They moved to Honolulu in 1979 which is why it has to be the best Kona coffee in Honolulu!

Why we like:

  • Authentic Kona coffee selected from the best Kona coffee harvests
  • Distinctive region taste
  • Mellow flavor with no heavy acidic bite


This single origin coffee will not disappoint if you’re looking to make a brew for the gourmet coffee drinker.

Buyer’s Guide

No discussion Hawaii are producing one the best coffee beans in the world. When in Hawaii you have easy access to some of the best Kona coffee available. But what do you do when you’re not on the “Big Island”?

You need to find either suppliers or source directly from the Kona coffee estates. Where to buy Kona coffee and what to look out for is covered next to help make your Kona coffee drinking experience a breeze.

Where to Buy Kona Coffee

Some of the best Kona coffee brands can be sourced through online suppliers. But if you prefer to deal directly with a Kona coffee company, they will gladly assist you.

The Royal Kona brand has a shop online where you can place your order. This is one of the easiest ways to source a range of Hawaii coffees.

Koa Coffee also lets you buy their premium Kona coffee from Hawaii online directly from their company.

Hawaii Coffee Company supplies for Lion Company while  Volcanica Coffee Company lets you order online as well.

Amazon is another online store where you’re likely to get your Blue Horse Kona coffee brand as well as some of the other best coffee from Hawaii.

 Of course, the best place to buy Kona coffee is in the Kona district itself. So, make sure you remember that if you plan to visit Hawaii anytime soon. This is truly the only way to get the best Hawaiian coffee available.
Best Kona Coffee

What to Look Out for When Buying Kona Coffee

If you’re serious about drinking some of the best Kona coffee Hawaii has to offer then you must make sure you look out for the following features:

  • If it doesn’t say it’s 100% Kona coffee then it ain’t 100% Kona coffee! Make sure you’re getting the best Kona coffee in Hawaii by checking out it contains nothing but Kona beans. 
  • Authentic Kona coffee brands will only source their coffee beans from the Kona district of Hawaii.
  • Serious coffee aficionados will tell you to go for whole bean if you want freshness and the best of flavors when you brew coffee.
  • If a coffee company mentions coffee beans grown on the Mauna Loa volcano slopes then you can be sure your coffee is Kona coffee. This falls into the Kona coffee belt.
  • Some of the best coffee in Kona is done by roasters 100% Kona coffee roast style! In other words, if your best brand of Kona coffee is roasted in the Kona region then you’re getting as close to the real deal as possible.
  • Look out for companies that mention hand picking when harvesting, sun dried coffee beans and roasting in small batches.
  • Check out the type of packaging the coffee company is using to pack their coffee beans. This goes a long way to giving you a fresher product.

Use your common sense when you’re buying Kona coffee. Use the above mentioned key features to guide you so you can be sure you’ll be getting the best brand of Kona coffee on the market.

Take a tour of a genuine Kona coffee plantation by watching this video.


Drinking Kona coffee has to be one of the most pleasurable joys of life. To ensure you get the most out of the experience, make sure you get the authentic product when you buy it online or in a local store.

Use this review to help you narrow down your search to some of the best Kona coffee in Hawaii. You won’t be disappointed with any of the brands we’ve talked about today.