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About SoloEspresso

Hi there! I am Luca, the guy behind

I am not a pro barista but a passionate coffee drinker who happened to be a barista sometimes.

Just a bit about me. I am Italian (so bear with me if sometimes my English looks weird!) and coffee has always been a part of me, since the very early days.

In the eighties we had one of the first home espresso machine - it was a Gaggia. 

It was so huge and heavy that every time we had to bring it for maintenance we had to be in two. It was obviously manual 🙂

Times have changed and you have machines now that with the push of a button can brew you the best espresso ever! My passion for coffee grew even more when during the university days I worked every now and then at a bar - as we call coffee shops in Italy.

Enough of me! To SoloEspresso now.

I have crafted this website with the purpose to provide valuable information to you, Dear Reader.

I share what I have learnt so far and what I am learning on the way about coffee, in a unique way.

All the information are supported by valuable sources. By using this method we strive to provide you the best value we can, beyond our point of view.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog and feel free to get in touch if you have questions or just to say hello at info[at]soloespresso[dot]net!


Luca and the SoloEspresso Team